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Construction scheme of artificial turf
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Chapter 1  Foundation

First,  the basic design and size

Reference to the IAAF track and field site design standards manual requirements and road infrastructure related requirements.

Second,  the basis of drainage

Using turtle-type drainage, in between the field and the runway between the use of circular drainage ditch, and then around the catchment connected to the site drainage requirements. Artificial turf ground floor materials and foundation of the drainage performance requirements should be greater than 180mm / h.

Artificial turf center line to the surrounding line slope should be less than 3 ‰.

Third,  the basic type

Artificial turf site can be used asphalt concrete foundation, cement concrete foundation, hard sand and triple soil foundation.

Fourth, the basic acceptance criteria

1, acceptance requirements

The foundation should have a certain strength and stability. The foundation can not produce cracks and uneven frost heave due to freezing. In the frozen areas, between the surface layer and the gravel layer should be added with a layer of geotextile buffer layer, along the drainage channel should be done on the basis of special waterproofing.

The roughness of the foundation: 3 m ruler error <4 mm, horizontal, vertical gradient <3 ‰, runway area <4 ‰, the surface should be flat, smooth, to ensure drainage, diameter 3m area, the maximum gap is less than 10mm; , The maximum gap is less than 2mm.

In the frozen areas, between the surface layer and the gravel layer should be added with a layer of geotextile buffer layer along the drain in the foundation should do special waterproofing treatment.

The base surface shall be kept clean and dry, and the asphalt and concrete foundation shall be required to have a maintenance period of more than 30 days after completion of the foundation.

2, the concrete foundation to use cement No. 20, concrete height> = 8cm, large area to be considered to use to stay expansion joints.

3, asphalt concrete foundation technical indicators:

The compactness of the roadbed is more than 2.3Kg / kg, the depth of the heavy-duty rolling track is less than 5mm, the surface is smooth and no sand pit and the plum blossom phenomenon are found. The compactness of the asphalt concrete black crushed stone layer is more than 97%, the dry capacity is up to more than 97%, and the compactness is over 2.3Kg / kg, the gravel is 2.14Kg / kg, the surface is firm and smooth, the gap is uniform, and the heavy compaction has no obvious trace; 2.35Kg / kg or more, no oil on the surface, no asphalt block without stirring, no crack formation, no obvious rolling tracks, no bad side pushing, no loose ramie, smooth knotting, unimpeded water phenomenon Half an hour after the water; asphalt base should be used without wax, or less waxy asphalt material, asphalt mixture must be fully compacted, penetration 1 / 10mm> 60, softening point> 50 ℃, extension 60cm; The compressive strength R20> 25Kg / cm2, R50> 25Kg / cm2, thermal stability coefficient Kt = R20 / R50 <3.5. Body swelling rate <1%, body water absorption rate of 6-10%.

4, acceptance procedures

According to the basis of the top quality standards for the actual measured on the failure of the lot to repair; the data acceptance inspection, provided by the construction unit, the lawn construction unit preservation of the total completion of the combined data; After the material in the audience before the construction.

5, on-site cleaning

On the old foundation, on the damaged lot of the same structural repair; the construction of concrete foundation for more than 3 years, the site of the expansion joints should be thoroughly cleaned up, fill in new materials; on the ground floor of the new building, Found on the asphalt foundation, found cracks, should be removed within the suture debris, pouring dilute asphalt paved dewaxing glass cloth layer, cloth width of not less than 30cm.

Chapter 2 laying of the bottom coating

First, the quality requirements

The bottom of the fabric should be qualified factory certification; laying after the formation of the underlying fabric, no exposed foundation, wrinkled phenomenon; laying a good cloth should be timely laying turf compaction. Nonwovens are generally used for the base fabric.

Second, the laying method

Single-layer along the arrangement, the distance between each cloth overlap 5-10cm. The edge points are bonded to the foundation.

Third, the bottom fabric weight reference (according to grass height, site type, the basis of different types of distinction)

Grass height

Specifications of non - woven fabrics

Site type

Specifications of non - woven fabrics

Base type

Specifications of non - woven fabrics















football field











Chapter 3 artificial turf laying

First, the construction preparation

Lawn to the construction site, in accordance with the laying of the lawn will spread to confirm the number of lawns, color, to determine the grass in the same direction backward, prepare the relevant materials, construction equipment and tools to confirm the construction temperature should be maintained at 10 ℃ or more.

Second, the measurement line

According to the site design drawings on the venue to mark the location of the sidelines and lines, logo should be clear.

Third, construction

1, the adhesive tape along the line logo on the bottom of the adhesive fabric.

2, the artificial turf lines according to the line logo adhesive tape in the above, to ensure its smooth and firm.

Note: Lawn glue bonding lawn, not a large area full of sticky, because the temperature changes will make the lawn appears hot and cold, it is recommended at the edge of the lawn adhesive coating, coating size is about 50MM.

3, artificial turf with special tools for trimming, splicing, patchwork spacing should be <2mm.

4, for the lawn patchwork bonding, bonding between the lawn patchwork adhesive tape.

5, on the lawn masonry to compaction, to ensure that the patchwork flat solid.

6, filled with special equipment to fill, should ensure that its uniform, smooth, dense.

    Note: sports venues such as the design of the use of straight + song mixed lawn, you can not fill the quartz sand and particles.

7, with special equipment for combing the lawn, the filler fully settled.

8, Note: The site construction can also be completed after splicing the lawn with special tools to cut out the line position, and will be embedded into the lines of artificial turf line logo Department.

9, the amount of filler refer to the table below. (Filled with quartz sand and rubber particles after pickling, the number of quartz sand mesh should be 40-60 mesh, the number of rubber particles should be 10-20 mesh.When the same time fill with quartz sand and rubber particles of the site should be filled Quartz sand and then filled with rubber particles.


Quartz sand (Kg / square meter)

Rubber particles (Kg / m2)

Adhesive tape

Filling height














Chapter 4 Site Acceptance

First, after the completion of the venue should be accurate marking, the same color;

Second, the venue should be no obvious Patchwork height difference;

Third, the patchwork joints should be firmly bonded lawn, no bubbles.

Fourth, the filler should be uniform, smooth, dense.

Fifth, at the same time can refer to the national artificial materials, sports venues use requirements and test methods (artificial turf site) of the relevant test methods.


Chapter 5 Maintenance Guidelines

1, to prohibit heavy vehicles such as rolling a long lawn.

2, prohibited javelin, shot put and other throwing equipment movement and wear spikes into the venue.

3, sticky items (chewing gum, etc.) prohibited to discard at the venue.

4, smoking is strictly prohibited in the presence of areas and place flammable materials.

5, snow-day ban immediately stampede, need to clean up the surface of the snow before use.

6, after the site fill sedimentation should be done to add appropriate to ensure that the filling height.



First, the list of accessories

1, the bottom fabric; (non-woven)

2, glue; (waterproof high-strength plastic)

3, adhesive tape;

4, the filler; (quartz sand, rubber particles)

Second, construction equipment and tools list

1, the measurement of pay-off tools; (line, measuring steel ruler, nails, color, etc.)

2, sand blasting equipment; (sand machine)

3, carding equipment; (carding machine)

Lawn shearing tools; (knives, scissors, etc.)

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